Toyota Land Cruiser 100/Amazon, Lexus LX 470

since 1997 release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota Land Cruiser, Amazon, Lexus LX470
+ Identification numbers of the car
+ Governing bodies and methods of safe operation of the car
- Settings and routine maintenance of the car
   Schedule of routine maintenance
   General information about settings and adjustments
   Check of levels of liquids
   Check of a condition of tires and pressure of their rating
   Check of level of the AT working liquid
   Check of level of liquid of the power steering
   Replacement of motive oil and oil filter
   Check, service and charging of a battery room
   Check of a condition of components of the cooling system
   Check of a state and replacement of the hoses located in a motive compartment
   Check of a state and replacement of brushes of screen wipers
   Rotation of wheels
   Check of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering drive
   Greasing of components of the chassis
   Check of a condition of components of system of production of the fulfilled gases
   Check of level of lubricant in the transfer case
   Check of level of lubricant of differential
   Check of a condition of seat belts
   Check and adjustment of turns of idling
   Check of a condition of protective covers of power shafts
   Check and replacement of the valve of system of the operated ventilation of a case (PCV)
   Replacement of the filtering air cleaner element
   Check of a state, adjustment of effort of a tension and replacement of driving belts
   Check of a condition of components of a power supply system
   Check of the brake system
   Adjustment of height of situation and free wheeling of a pedal of a brake
   Check of a state and replacement of spark plugs (petrol engines)
   Check and adjustment of gaps of valves
   Replacement of the fuel filter
   Check and service of the conditioner of air (K/V)
   Service of the cooling system
   Check of a state, stuffing by lubricant and adjustment of forward naves and wheel bearings
   Replacement of ATF of automatic transmission and main transfer
   Replacement of lubricant of the transfer case
   Differential lubricant replacement
   Check of a condition of components of system of catching of fuel evaporations
   Check of serviceability of a condition of components of system of recirculation of the fulfilled gases (EGR)
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems of the engine, heating of salon and air conditioning
+ A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ Gear shifting box
+ Transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Replacement of ATF of automatic transmission and main transfer

Replacement of ATF has to be made on a regular basis, according to the schedule of routine maintenance of the car (see the Section Schedule of Routine Maintenance). As transmission liquid remains hot still long time after end of a trip before starting implementation of the procedure, wait for full cooling of the engine.


1. Prepare fresh transmission liquid of the corresponding grade (see Specifications at the beginning of the Head).
2. Other necessary performance for the forthcoming procedure of tools and materials treat number: a cart jack, props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation, the drain capacity not less than 7.6 l and a stock of rags and old newspapers.
3. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform with a hard coating, and establish to its poddomkratta on props, having provided free access to a drain stopper of the pallet of a case of transmission.
4. Get the drain capacity and all necessary stock under the pallet. Try not to touch the warmed components of the power unit and system of production of the fulfilled gases located under the car bottom. Having placed properly a reception container, turn out a drain stopper (address an accompanying illustration). When the liquid effluence completely stops, wipe a drain stopper, screw it on the regular place and strongly tighten.
5. At the corresponding complete set of the car remove protection of a case of transmission, then turn out the fixing bolts located on pallet perimeter.
6. The hammer with soft brisk accurately tap the pallet for the purpose of destruction of a layer of landing sealant (address an accompanying illustration).

In order to avoid damage of the interfaced surfaces do not try to hook the pallet the lever.

7. Lower the pallet and merge from it ATF remains.
8. Turn out fixing screws (address an accompanying illustration) and remove the ATF filter from the case of valvate assembly.
9. Carefully examine the internal surfaces of the pallet, estimate a condition of the filtering element and the merged ATF. In the course of use transmission liquid can change the originally bright red color on dark red and even brown, and also get a smell of burning, – such changes usually testify transmission overheats in use of the car. At detection in liquid, the pallet or the filter of metal sawdust, or particles of frictional material it is necessary to check a condition of the AT internal components or the converter of rotation. For collecting metal sawdust magnets at which removal it is necessary to remember their arrangement are provided, – in case of their wrong installation the pallet will be not to close densely (address an accompanying illustration). In case of lack of confidence when determining a condition of liquid or the filter, address specialists of car service.
10. Wash out the pallet solvent and, whenever possible, dry it compressed air. Remove with a scraper from the interfaced surfaces of the pallet, a case and the case of valvate assembly traces of material of old laying.

Try not to damage the interfaced surface of the case of valvate assembly manufactured of light aluminum alloy.

Having replaced laying (address an accompanying illustration), install the new ATF filter.
11. Make sure of absoluteness of purity and dryness of the interfaced surface of the pallet and impose on it a pillow of Three Bond 1281 sealant or similar (address an accompanying illustration). Put on a branch pipe of a jellied mouth the directing tube of the measuring probe and press the pallet to a transmission case. Moving on pallet perimeter, in stages tighten fixing bolts with the required effort.
12. Lower the car on the earth and through a jellied mouth fill in ATF of the required grade in transmission (see the Section Check of Level of the AT Working Liquid).
13. Transfer transmission to situation "P", cock the parking brake and start the engine.
14. Serially translate the AT selector lever through all provisions, having in conclusion returned it to situation "P". check the ATF level, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment, having brought liquid level to the correct mark in an edge of the measuring probe.
15. During the first several days of operation of the car look under the car, checking transmission for existence of signs of development of leaks. Double-check the ATF level, in case of need make adjustment (see the Section Check of Level of the AT Working Liquid).